Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Employee and Family Assistance Program

Employee and Family Assistance Program
Counselling Providers

Bow Valley College provides its employees with assistance from Homewood Health. This wellness provider can offer many different forms of help as well as different ways of providing it.
You can use the phone, email, or have sessions in person.
This service is free of charge for BVC employees.
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Friday, 18 September 2015


After discussions with representatives from the College the BVCFA has come to an agreement about the use of substitute teachers in the Centre of Excellence in Foundational Learning. We would like to thank all the people that were involved in the discussions and helped with coming to this understanding.

As a result of the discussions, we have agreed that the CEFL Procedures outlined in March 25, 2015 will be followed. The main points of 1.3 Coverage by a Substitute Teacher are as follows, depending if it is:
  • ·         One day or less, internal coverage or class cancellation.
  • ·         1-2 days Coordinator discretion based on subject, delivery type etc.
  • ·         2 + days, then select a substitute from the substitute teacher list with approval from Coordinator.
  • ·         Leaves, holidays, etc. would normally have substitute teacher coverage.

The agreement also states that if a substitute is required, they will be paid as per the Collective Agreement, Article 37.2.

And the last point made in the agreement is that if a faculty member comes in to work from a planned vacation, they will have their vacation bank adjusted to replace the lost day.

Nicole Estabrooks
BVCFA President